Patient Testimonials

During his 23-year career, Dr. Stuart Gold has performed over 15,000 orthopedic surgeries. Harnessing that unique experience, Dr. Gold wrote The Patient's Guide To Orthopedic Surgery which is helping patients and caregivers all over the world. Below, you will find select testimonials for this practical book: 

"Thanks to Dr. Stuart Gold, I still have my right leg. After a terrible dirt bike accident, Dr. Gold used the Ilizarov procedure to save my leg. He's an excellent doctor.... One of the best orthopaedic surgeons around."
-- John Capozza, Patient

"Doctor Gold is an Athlete's Doctor. Knowing that I had ruptured my ACL, Dr. Gold did not immediately tell me I needed reconstruction surgery in order to play again, but tried to determine how important playing immediately was to me. He didn't tell me what to do but gave me the chance to see if I could still play on my knee for the season."
-- Jenele Peterson, Patient

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gold since 1990.  I have had knee problems and required many surguries.  Dr. Gold has always been informative, spelled out my options and has supported my decisions.  I am not sure if I am a special patient but he has been there for me through my many injuries related to my job as a  Police Officer and SWAT Operator. "
-- James Banach, Patient

"When working with him as a CRNFA in the operating room, I admired his surgical skills.  He only does surgery after he has exhausted all other methods of treatment, but when surgery is necessary, his patients get excellent results."
-- Karen Bruechle, Nurse

"Dr. Gold is not your ordinary orthopaedic physician. He truly LISTENS and cares about his
patients. Dr. Gold has been my savior as I have been through rotator cuff, knee and
my latest Ulnar nerve and carpal tunnel surgery. Because of Dr. Gold, I am still able to be
an active participant in society.My trust and comfortability in Dr. Gold speaks for itself...
Dr. Gold is an
excellent orthopaedic surgeon."
-- Winona Kazahaya, Patient